Introducing Thrive+®



(Soon to be Cheers®)

(Soon to be Cheers®)

reducing alcohol’s negative effects

Thrive+® (pronounced “Thrive Plus”) is dedicated to reducing the negative health effects of alcohol in a safe, effective, and socially responsible manner.

Just take Thrive+® After-Alcohol Aid™ & ORS™ after your last alcoholic beverage or before going to bed for maximum efficacy.

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Thrive+® After-Alcohol Aid™

Thrive+® After-Alcohol Aid™ is designed specifically to mitigate the negative effects of alcohol. It works by reducing short-term alcohol withdrawal, replacing lost vitamins, and providing your liver with what it needs to break down alcohol and its toxic by-products. Our After-Alcohol Aid™ is a patented solution based completely on clinical research done in scientific publications such as The Journal of Neuroscience. Just take two to four capsules before going to bed!

Thrive+® ORS™

Thrive+® ORS™ (Oral Rehydration Solution) puts sport drinks to shame. In hydration studies, researchers suggest that sports drinks are formulated for consumer preference by using more sugar than is necessary or even helpful. Thrive+® ORS™ works by optimizing the Sodium Glucose Co-Transport System. This is a fancy way of saying that we take advantage of osmosis to offer the cutting edge of hydration following alcohol consumption. In clinical studies, researchers found that our formula (the ratio of our active ingredients) is more effective at rehydrating than even IV bag therapy! Thrive+® ORS™ comes in a lemon-lime flavor and is designed specifically to aid in recovery from alcohol-induced dehydration.

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Customer Reviews

I take Thrive+ every time I drink, even if its only a few drinks because it gets rid of all of alcohol’s next-day issues. I haven’t any in months thanks to this product.*


Amazon Customer Review

I was a little skeptical at first, but the morning after proved me wrong. I tried it over a weekend on back to back nights to really test it out. I genuinely felt great the next morning!*


Amazon Customer Review

I’d highly recommend it to anyone who occasionally has those nights that hit them hard the next morning. I’ll definitely be using it again!*


Amazon Customer Review

I started feeling like myself pretty fast after I began using it. This is a must-have to have on hand for your medicine cabinet or first aid kit, along with a bottle of water.*


Amazon Customer Review

I’m really impressed… this actually works. It works best when I have some before bed and some first thing in the morning.*


Amazon Customer Review

After a night of fun this is a great product to keep in the house!*


Amazon Customer Review

*Individual results may vary.

Thrive+® Certifications

GMP Certified Manufacturing

The manufacturing of Thrive+® adheres to all GMP regulation.

FDA Registered Facility

Thrive+® is completely manufactured in a US Food & Drug Administration certified facility.

Manufactured in New York

Thrive+® is completely manufactured in New York, USA.

After-Alcohol Aid™ + ORS™ = Better Together.

For maximum efficacy take 2-4 Thrive+® After-Alcohol Aid™ capsules with 1-2 water bottles mixed with Thrive+® ORS™ after your last alcoholic beverage or before going to bed.

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