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a CPG company founded by Princeton students

In a Princeton neuroscience course, students are challenged to become experts on a drug of their choice. While learning about alcohol, Brooks Powell found a variety of new scientific research on reducing its negative after-effects, and the idea for Thrive+ was born. After months of tweaking his formula and working with FDA approved manufacturers, Brooks released his first product.

Today, Thrive+ has grown to a team of nine dedicated students and professionals. We’ve come a long way from our dorm-room origins; we’ve been featured in INC Magazine, the Huffington Post, and more, and our products are used by currently competing US Olympic Gold Medalists, Major League Baseball players, and business professionals alike. However, our mission remains the same: we strive to offer the most effective and accessible solutions for humankind’s most troublesome maladies.

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Thrive+ After-Alcohol Aid
Thrive+ After-Alcohol Aid is a patent-pending formula designed to mitigate the negative effects of alcohol. It works by reducing short-term alcohol withdrawal, replacing lost vitamins, and providing your liver with what it needs to break down alcohol and its toxic by-products. Just take three capsules before going to bed. Our After-Alcohol Aid is completely based off clinical research done in publications such as The Journal of Neuroscience. See more explicit science on our “Science Behind AAA” page here!
Thrive+ Oral Rehydration Solution
Our Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) puts products such a Gatorade© to shame. In hydration studies, researchers concluded that sports drinks are formulated for consumer preference by using more sugar than is necessary or even helpful. Thrive+ ORS works by optimizing the Sodium Glucose Co-Transport System. This is a fancy way of saying that we take advantage osmosis to offer the cutting edge of hydration. In clinical studies, researchers found that our formula is more effective at rehydrating than even IV bag therapy! Thrive+ is completely all-natural and comes in a lemon-lime flavor.
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Customer Reviews
I take Thrive+ every time I drink, even if its only a few drinks because it gets rid of all hangover issues. I haven’t had a hangover in months thanks to this product. Ashley

Amazon Customer Review

I was a little skeptical at first, but the morning after proved me wrong. I tried it over a weekend on back to back nights to really test it out. I genuinely felt great the next morning! Michael

Amazon Customer Review

I was up and about for the rest of the day (usually I’m in bed just desperately trying to avoid all noise and light). Grace

Amazon Customer Review

I started feeling like myself pretty fast after I began using it. This is a must-have to have on hand for your medicine cabinet or first aid kit, along with a bottle of water. Jennifer

Amazon Customer Review

Post workout and after a night of too much fun, it is a great product to keep in the house! Brittany

Amazon Customer Review

Light refreshing taste and amazing hydration better than the leading sports drinks. Heather

Amazon Customer Review

Thrive+ Certifications

GMP Certified Manufacturing

The manufacturing of Thrive+ adheres to all GMP regulation.

FDA Registered Facility

Thrive+ is completely manufactured in a US Food & Drug Administration certified facility.

Manufactured in California

Thrive+ is completely manufactured in California, USA.

ORS + AAA = Better Together.
When used for preventing / recovering from alcohol’s negative effects using both products is even more effective. Simply take three Thrive+ AAA capsules with 1-2 water bottles mixed with Thrive+ ORS after your last alcoholic beverage / before going to bed.

Used by members of the following organizations:

United States Olympic Team
Major League Baseball
United States Marine Corps
University of Oxford

(We are not affiliated with any of these organizations)

Meet the Team
Upon discovery of promising research during his neuroscience studies, Brooks retired from D1 athletics for Thrive+. He has since gathered a team around the vision of reducing alcohol’s opportunity cost. Brooks Powell

Founder, Princeton Senior

A recent graduate from the University of Oklahoma, Shelby has been making a name for herself in Princeton through her photo and video work. She has a keen vision for visual aesthetics. Shelby Powell

Head of In-House Media

After doing extensive marketing and consulting work for successful businesses and charities, Zach decided to bring his experience to his own venture and has never looked back. Zach Weingarten

Co-Founder, Princeton Junior

An engineer with a secret love of poetry, Matt has flourished since coming to Princeton: striking a balance between being a Computer Science major, a varsity swimmer, and a fantastic member of the Thrive+ team. Matt Harrington

Head of Digital Advertising, Princeton Sophomore

Demi has been drawing since her earliest memories, and now, she draws upon those experiences to power the visual side of Thrive+. Her puns may be questionable, but her dedication and style are not! Demi Zhang

Head of Design, Princeton Sophmore

Imiel’s experience as an IT Administrator for a major corporation is helping Thrive+’s mission through growing and managing the digital operations of Thrive+. He ensures everyone has the best online experience possible.

Imiel Visser

Head of Tech

An advocate of good times, good friends and better memories, Andrew parted ways with his senior advisor position at a corporate marketing branch in SC to help make the American morning great again. Andrew Slade

Head of Sales, Princeton Sophomore

Milo is our company dog. A cross between one of the most loyal breeds and one of the most intelligent, he was adopted when his owner didn’t want him anymore. Don’t worry, he never touches the products! Milo

The Company Dog

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