Watch us thrive on Shark Tank!

We’re excited to officially announce that Thrive+® (pronounced “thrive plus”) will be on ABC’s Shark Tank this February 25th at 10/9c (& 9pm Pacific for West Coast programming)!

(For a 10% discount, please visit our thrive on Shark Tank page.)

From the research labs of Princeton University to the most famous investor stage in the world… Shark Tank is another exciting chapter in the Thrive+® saga. Please join America in watching us tell the story of Thrive+® and how we’re creating a healthier & happier way to consume alcohol!


The Journey

Getting on Shark Tank was a ton of hard work. We actually started applying back February 2017 and begun the slew of tasks that it takes to go through the audition process (massive pitch days, audition tapes, working with casting agents, numerous phone calls, emails, questions, etc). We can’t speak about it in full detail, but let us just stress that it’s a lot of tasks! Every year there’s somewhere between 30,000-50,000 people who apply to be on the show, and this year only 92 startups made it on. To put that in perspective, with getting on the show being roughly 92/40,000, this makes it about 25x harder to get on Shark Tank than getting into Princeton or Harvard!

We actually didn’t even film until the end of September in 2017… and in addition to scaling sales and our standard great customer service work, the 2 weeks leading up to our filming was almost 100% geared towards prepping for the moment we walked on onto the carpet of Shark Tank’s magic set and the cameras started rolling. You better bet that the only TV we watched for a few months was prior seasons of Shark Tank episodes… anything we could do to get prepared.

What’s even crazier about the whole process was that a lot of it was happening while we were going through Hurricane Harvey and were trying to keep the business running.


What we’re up to now

You’d think that getting on Shark Tank is its own gift. Which it totally is. However, it itself becomes a ton of work. We’ve been scrambling in the last few weeks and months to prepare inventory, get press, pre-make orders, get monster website servers, hire people, etc. All so we can make sure we can take full advantage of this gift. It couldn’t be a better time though!


How you can help:

For more information about Thrive+®’s products as seen on Shark Tank, please visit our Thrive+® Shark Tank page–it’s basically a copy of our home page but includes information about a 10% discount for people who watched us on Shark Tank. So definitely use that page!