Thrive+® ORS™



introducing modernized rehydration

Better rehydration than an IV.
Lower osmolarity than coconut water.
Less sugar and more electrolytes than Pedialyte®.
Great tasting lemon-lime flavor.
Designed specifically for alcohol-induced dehydration.

Thrive+® ORS™:

how does it work?

Thrive+® ORS™ (Oral Rehydration Solution) is a hydration product that optimizes the “Sodium-Glucose Co-Transport System” for rapid rehydration.

Our ORS™ formula, which is based on clinical research done by the World Health Organization, optimizes this system by containing the minimum number of sodium and glucose molecules for maximal osmotic pull into dehydrated cells.

Because of this, Thrive+® ORS™ not only increases the rate at which you can rehydrate, but also allows you to make the most of every drop of water for medical-grade rehydration after alcohol consumption.

Supplement Facts


how to use Thrive+® ORS™

Thrive+® ORS™ comes in tubs of powder that contain 20 doses. Each Thrive+® ORS™ tub contains a scoop to measure out doses for your convenience.

Each dose of Thrive+® ORS™ is to be mixed with 500ml or 16.9 fl oz of water (the standard size of a plastic water bottle). One tub is enough to make 20 water bottles. Simply mix a dose with water and drink!

To rehydrate after alcohol consumption, simply take 1-2 servings after drinking alcohol / before going to bed. An additional serving may be used in the morning.

After-Alcohol Aid™ + ORS™ = Better Together.

For maximum efficacy take 2-4 Thrive+® After-Alcohol Aid™ capsules with 1-2 water bottles mixed with Thrive+® ORS™ after your last alcoholic beverage or before going to bed.