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“These Entrepreneurs Want to Disrupt Your Hangover”

During a sophomore year neuroscience course, he was introduced to a molecule called dihydromyricetin. Learning about its properties, he quickly grasped that it had the potential to alleviate many the most common hangover symptoms, from headache to nausea to general malaise. The volunteers he tested it on reported a 40 to 50 percent reduction in the severity of their hangover symptoms. Thanks to some national publicity, by the end of that semester, he was doing $1500 in business per week.

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“Princeton Student Creates Latest Hangover Cure”

“We got home and everyone took their Thrive+! I am not going to lie, my best friends and I took them and felt great. We tried it again the next night, everyone felt great again! Even if it doesn’t rid a hangover completely, it definitely aids in making you feel better the next day.” -New Jersey Reporter, Jillian Jablonski

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“We tried American hangover pills and they will change your life”

How much of your life is ruined by hangovers? A pioneering American student called Brooks Powell knows that pain. So like the start of every good success story, the Princeton junior decided to do something about it he invented Thrive+, a hangover pill that will change the way you think about pints. To test the pills, we went to drink some beers (cuff me) in a soulless pub on a weeknight on an empty stomach. Being both scientific and classic, we counted each drink. Essentially (the main ingredient) is a chemical called DHM that counteracts the effect of alcohol. Imagine that the effects of booze in your system has one set of tunnels to go through. This chemical blocks the path of alcohol through your brain. The pill has Vitamins B, C and electrolytes, which you piss out really fast when you drink (so you need to replace them when going to bed). The pill also gives you more of what your liver needs to break down alcohol. You liver uses Glutathione to deal with the booze, but it only stores about four drinks’ worth, and then can deal with a drink every hour past that. If you give your liver Thrive+, then it can process everything. The next day, we woke up feeling slapped on the head instead of clubbed in the face. Get some for yourself, it’s going to change the night life game forever.

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“Princeton Student channels entrepreneurial spirit, develops cure for hangovers.”

Brooks Powell isn’t your average college student. He wants to change the world by curing hangovers. ‘When I got to college, it felt like everyone was drinking,’ he said. With hundreds of billions in economic activity, ‘Alcohol is the most used and abused drug in the world.’ He wanted to improve social drinking by minimizing the harmful effects alcohol can have on relationships, but he saw a business opportunity as well. ‘I was also thinking from an entrepreneur’s standpoint – man, someone could make a lot of money if they invented a hangover cure.’ The biggest barrier to overcome, said Powell, is skepticism. People think it’s ‘too good to be true,’ he said. But as the first reviews came back, the results were astounding. People told him that the pills really worked. After receiving many good comments, Powell began selling Thrive+ from his website and on Amazon.

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“Student maakt pil tegen kater én drankzucht | Student makes pill against hangover and alcoholism” Brooks Powell studeert aan de universiteit van Princeton en daar zag hij bij collega-studenten de desastreuze impact die een avondje stappen de volgende dag kan hebben. Hij ontwikkelde een pil tegen katers en die werkt ook tegen alcoholverslaving. | Brooks Powell studies at Princeton University and there he saw how a night out can have a devastating impact on fellow students the next day. He developed a pill for hangovers and that works against alcohol addiction.

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“Student Brooks Powell Develops Pill to Cure Hangovers”

Thrive+ contains ingredients which lessen the negative effects of drinking too much. It’s a pill developed by a Princeton student which claims to cure hangovers – before they’ve even started.

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“Student develops supplement to cure hangovers”

One of the main ingredients in Thrive+ is dihydromyricetin, also known as DHM, a flavonoid component of a Japanese raisin tree extract. The extract is used as a traditional hangover remedy in Oriental countries. Powell came across a scholarly article about DHM while looking for dietary supplements that could be taken in a safe and sustainable way. The article, entitled “Dihydromyricetin As a Novel Anti-Alcohol Intoxication Medication,” appeared in The Journal of Neuroscience.

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“Princeton student from Kingwood develops supplement aimed at reducing hangovers”

‘DHM.’ It’s an acronym most people don’t hear or use often, but it’s a chemical and key ingredient in what a Kingwood Park High School alumnus, now a Junior at Princeton University, Brooks Powell believes is a revolutionary supplement that could significantly lessen the harmful effects of alcohol on the brain and hangovers.” When talking about Thrive+’s patent-pending status, Andrew Chadeayne, an inventor and patent attorney stated: “It’s very important to patent new chemical formulations, especially for start-up technology … This prevents copyists and provides a significant market advantage.”

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“Student hangovers might be gone for good as new cure Thrive+ comes to UK”

Socializing and partying with college friends are some of the best memories we’ll ever have, but most people regret the night before when they wake up with a raging hangover and all the accompanying symptoms, such as nausea, headaches and irritability. Even those who don’t drink have seen how bad their friends felt the day after, sometimes unable to move for hours on end. A wide-reaching problem, hangovers can affect the performance of both students and workers. But it may not be that way for much longer. A Princeton University student has been developing a new hangover cure, which he’s calling Thrive+. Importantly, Thrive+ is all-natural and produced by an FDA-certified manufacturer.

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“Princeton student develops hangover cure”

Unfortunately, bad hangovers happen. Many people have their own cures for the hangover, whether it’s grapefruit juice or eggs with a side of bacon. Those aren’t enough for Princeton student Brooks Powell, who created Thrive, a post-alcohol supplement. Powell said, ‘My idea was to just create the most comprehensive formula that could tackle all of those negative effects of alcohol.’ It’s simple to use. After a night of drinking, take a few Thrive pills before you go to bed, along with plenty of water of course, and your hangover will be greatly reduced. It’s not surprising that young people might be fans of the pill.

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“Princeton Student Invents Hangover Cure”

“I started to research hangovers and alcohol withdrawal and got really lucky when I came across an article in the Journal of Neuroscience that changed what is known about alcohol and ways to mitigate it.” The article discussed an experiment with rats using dihydromyricetin (DHM) — the fundamental ingredient in Thrive+. The study showed that DHM could sober up a rat immediately and rid the rat of any hangover symptoms … Powell brought the article to his neuroscience professor, who became a mentor in making the idea of a hangover cure into a reality … Kickstarting a business idea while being a full-time student led Powell to rely on “the shoulders of giants,” including his neuroscience professor, a pharmaceutical manufacturer and a lawyer specializing in chemical patent law.

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“‘Enjoy Tonight. Thrive Tomorrow’: Princeton University student develops hangover cure”

Effective or not, hangover myths have been shared for centuries. But Princeton University junior Brooks Powell believes he’s created a three-pill cure to minimize the effects of alcohol consumption and reduce alcohol addiction. With the tagline ‘Enjoy Tonight. Thrive Tomorrow.,’ the product advises consumers to take three pills before bed or after their final drink to help the body recover from short-term alcohol withdrawal, dehydration and loss of electrolytes, he said. ‘I don’t drink without it. I think it’s the safer and healthier way to drink,’ Powell said. ‘$3 per night is a very fair price, considering the price of drinks.’

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“Did This College Bro Develop a Proven Remedy for Hangovers?”

How many times have you wanted to drink, but had something important to do the next day, like a huge exam or appear in court? Everyone loves to get crunked but the dreaded hangover often puts a damper on the fun times. Hangovers make the night of fun almost regrettable. A bro from Princeton University might have discovered the cure for hangovers and his secret might be in three little pills. If this stuff works, this bro will be a legend., Full article link

“Brooks Powell wants to Cure Hangovers”

After receiving the green light from his professor, friends, and family, Powell set about beginning his business – Thrive+ Hangover Cure. He applied for a chemical patent, produced samples, and began giving them to friends to test how they worked. The important factor will be watching to see if people reorder. Thrive+ comes in a pack of 30 pills (with 3 pills per dose), so after a month or two, he hopes to see his customers coming back to replenish their stock. That would indicate that they really benefit from Thrive+, and then the product could really take off. ‘One of the things that has been the most difficult has been figuring how to balance running and growing a business while in school,’ said Powell, ‘but I would recommend it to anyone.’ He urges other students to take risks and start their own businesses if they have a good idea. ‘One of the best times to start a business is in college – it’s a safe place to fail.’

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